Somebodies Baby

What we deserve.

"People accept the love they think they deserve"

Makes sense. And in my case, i love you. Its not about what I think i deserve, or that i feel like i should be a girl of convenience. Its that ill take any time you’ll give me, just to feel your skin against mine. Just to have that moment when i open my eye and catch you watching me sleep. Your smile and eyes say it all.

I refuse a lot of things about “us.” I refuse to believe this is all we’ll ever be. That the timing is off. Its not me, its you. All the cliches that can match our ‘situation,’ i refuse them all. I’ve never had this, i don’t know which way is north, or how an hour from now might effect the outcome. But i know when i’m here, you can finally sleep. I know how you like your back scratched and how to tell you what you’re thinking after a week of blissful ignorance. 

I’m not a fighter, in the sense that i wont grab both sides of your face and try to make you see whats so clearly right in front of you. I cant bring my self to plead, justify or convince being beneficial to anyone. The stars tell me i’m a peace keeper, and happiness in others, creates happiness in me. But in these selfish moments i steel from you, i can see you’re happy with me. Its in these moments when i look at you and sigh, and the only thing i can exhale is “i love you.”

Its all there is, its the only thing that ever matters in this world.

  • 30 May 2013
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